what is holistic education?

We believe education is about more than a report card. Holistic education strives to prepare students to meet the challenges of living as well as the challenges of academics. Holistic education believes it is important for young people to learn about themselves, grow in resiliency, develop emotionally, engage in healthy relationships, contribute to social development, and encounter beauty and awe through a relationship with their Creator.

Ways Friends of the City provides Holistic Education for the poor...

  • Montessori-based education to promote creativity and initiative

  • STEM education using LEGO robotics

  • English teaching that incorporates Proverbs and character development

  • Mentoring relationships that go beyond the classroom

  • Seed Project training that promotes civic participation

  • Leadership development that emphasizes character and life-skills

  • Creating learning environments that reflect God's deep love and respect for every individual

  • and more!